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Back for length-suggestions?

Back for length-suggestions?


I am not a newbie, but since I am pretty much staring over I thought I should post in this forum. I have been away from PE for awhile, busy with life etc. But I am back and interested in a new routine. When I first got past the newbie routine(which I plan on repeating, I am not trying to hurt myself here) I focused on girth through clamping and pumping. Now I am thinking I want to do length for awhile and then go back to girth.

I have read a lot of the hanging/stretching threads, and I think a stretcher is the way to go, since its more mobile, less cumbersome and I am not too worried about the expense. The options seem to be the JES Extender, the Penis Master, and a few clones like the Ultimate Stretcher etc.

I am pretty open to strategies/suggestions. Which stretcher have people liked/not liked? Any overwhelming arguments in favor of hanging over static stretching devices? Any horror stories, or things to watch out for?

All advice is greatly appreciated.

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

Using the search button, I found these by limiting my search to titles only and putting quotes around “best ADS” (it won’t seacrh for the word best alone as it’s considered a common word).

The best ADS?
what is the best ADS
Best ADS
Best ADS

Thanks Westla, like I said, its been a minute since I’ve really been active on the forum. Thank you for the searches. It looks like Monkeybar’s VacExtender is the way to go, as opposed to the noose type, and at $139 for the package with the base, the pricing is competitive.

I would love to hear more feedback from anyone.


"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

No experience with it, but considering getting it.

Can’t seem to get my activation email for the forums thou.

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