Back at it and taking this serious

Okay this is my fist time posting here, but I have been on Thunders Place since the fall of 2012. I began PE in the fall with a modified newbie routine and obtained some gains within a couple months. However I lost focus and eventually gave it up. I was also hiding it from my girlfriend.

I recently have become motivated to PE again and decided to let my girlfriend know. Luckily she was completely cool with it and thinks its kinda sexy I want to be bigger for her pleasure. She says she loves my size as it is, and I’m comfortable with my size as well. However, if it can be bigger, than I’ll take it!

I measured yesterday with absolutely no PE in 2 months. BPEL I was 6.5” and EG I was 5.25. I’m fairly content with my girth but would love to hit the 7” club in length. So my first goal is to get 7” BPEL and any girth I gain is a bonus as well!

This morning was my first workout. Started off with 5min warm up then did 10mins total of stretching. The first 5 mins I held different angle stretches for a minute each. The last 5 mins I stretched over a fulcrum starting from the base working up to the glans at 5 different points up the shaft holding each stretch for a minute. Then I did 150 jelqs at 3secs a piece. To finish off I held 5 Uli’s for a about 15 seconds a piece and kind of pumped my hand to increase the pressure at the glans.

It felt great to get back and do this again. My unit handled it very well and looked so thick when I was done, gotta love heavy feeling when you hold it in your hand at the end of a workout! If anyone has some advice or motivation for me it would be greatly appreciated! Well good luck gaining everyone!