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Back after Injury layoff

Back after Injury layoff

I am back after taking of several months due to a bad injury caused by not starting out with a newbie routine. I have been on the following newbie workout for the last 11 weeks

5 min’s -heating pad

5 min’s - stretching

2 min’s- heating pad

10-15 min’s jelqing (2-3 seconds)

3 min’s heating pad

I had just finished up my 3rd month when the injury occurred and made small gains, then lost most due to the layoff. Now after being back, I have gained what I lost back and a little more.

I measured this week on my rest day 7” 3/8 BPEL 6” mid shaft 6” 5/8 base

Now I am looking for the experienced PE’ers to recommend a new workout, any and all input would be great.

Just wondering, but what did you do or were doing that caused the injury.

I was finishing a set of high pressure 20 min jelqs and the last one was over the top, I never did a newbie program, very stupid on my part. I looked down and seen blood coming from my urethra, and allot of it. Had a vary hard time healing. I took of 12 weeks and it happened again with very mild jelgs. I Now I have regrouped after several months off, started a newbie program and am on the 12Th week with high hopes of a permanent 8x6. So far going great.

Ouch, kinda makes me not want to jelq ever again.

Trip reading about your injury made me whence and feel sick. I hope nothing like that ever happens to me.

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

Yep, Blood + Penis = Spewing + Feeling Faint

Lets hope I never encounter something this disturbing.

I would not weigh any stock into my injury, it was completely my fault.

Now just looking foreword to achieve my goals.


Thanks for sharing your mishap I’m glad your well again. Take trips warning you new guys need to toughen up your dicks first with basic exercises, you can’t run a marathon if you never ran around the block.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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