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Back after 1 years pause - questions

Back after 1 years pause - questions

About a year ago I first started out with PE. Back then I got discouraged after a 3 month time of the newbie routine with no gains.
However I have returned in order to fulfill my dreams of a successful PE! (Attention whore much). Now with a microwave, so a rice sock should be easy :D .

Is the newbie routine still the go-to routines for guys who haven’t experienced gains yet?
What makes the newbie routine better than for example…rt-growing.html (Another newbie routine from PE gym) (did anyone try this one?)

I’m a little rusty, but did some research in order to get back in the game, my measurements and goals are in my signature. Are they realistic? As any “new” guy your best tips and tricks are once again more than welcome.


Goals are realistic. Start with Newbie Routine or routine described in PEgym. Be consistent and you will gain.

Watch your PI’s and concentrate on exercises during workout. Don’t try to speed up the growing process with adding some extra exercises- do newbie routine for at least 3 months.

After Newbie Routine, many PE’ers gain more with more time spent on workout- the more you do the more you get.

Hope this helped.

Consistency is key. If your end EG is 12cm then all I have to say is you make me not feel bad I’m 12.5cm EG and I find it small.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

Not end goal :D , but figured I should set realistic goals as girth seems to be harder to get. An inch more in girth would be the dream.


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