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Baby Powder for Manual Stretching

Baby Powder for Manual Stretching

I read another post on here a few days ago where somebody made a passing reference to using baby powder to improve your grip while stretching. I decided to try it last night and HOLY SHIT! It made a HUGE difference — I had my best stretching session in months. Since it seems like this tip rarely gets mentioned, I wanted to post it here for any beginners who are getting frustrated with their hand slipping while they try to stretch. Just a very light dusting of baby powder and you’ll feel like your hand is welded to your dick.

I saw that same post and was also curious, thanks for sharing your experience with it.

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Also works in the opposite direction—that is, for a silky- smooth light touch edging session. Use as you would with Alboline or oil. The sensations are different and unique. Powder up well—balls and perinium too.

I just use toilet tissue for grip. Much less messy.

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A very valid tip for us beginners. I will try the tissue and the powder.

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Powder works fine for me. Put a towel between your legs and gently spray the powder, then the mess will be within reasonable limits.

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I use it during hanging.

That and cocoa butter cream.

I actually started using corn starch for manual stretching a few days ago, works great! Great minds sort of think alike, I guess :)

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