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Baby Oil


Baby Oil makes my glans itch. I like Mineral Oil, it’s thicker than Baby Oil,has more slip and is odorless.

I think baby oil IS mineral oil but with scent added…

And vitamin E with the stuff I tried.

That must make it thinner then pure mineral…

I used to use Vaseline, but now I have changed it to coconut oil and it is great. In winter it solidifies and is less messy when applying to hands and the genitals. It melts when it comes in contact with the skin.

I have been using baby oil for a few years, works wonders in the long run.

I prefer KY, baby oil is too thin and runny. Vaseline is a mess to clean up.

Originally Posted by Bob8
Ive recently purchased some johnsons baby oil and did a jelq session, and i still prefer vaseline, it has more grip, the baby oil IMO is too slippery and you cant really make your strokes last as longer as vaseline..

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I’ve always preferred Vaseline over baby oil for pretty much the exact reason that Bob8 describes. Baby oil is too slippery and my hands just end up sliding all the way to the glans when jelqing. Vaseline allows me to make a smooth controlled jelq all the way up the shaft because it is thicker (more viscous). I do agree that Vaseline is a bit of a pain to clean up so recently I decided to try something new.

I bought this baby oil gel stuff that they sell now. It has vitamin E and aloe in it and is much less of a mess to apply and use than just plain old baby oil. It is also not as slippery and runny so my jelq strokes while using it were as effective as when using Vaseline, as far as I could tell. I’ve only used it once, but my first experience was pretty good. It was not, however, much easier (if any) to clean up than Vaseline.

Either way, I’d like to get a few more sessions under my belt with this stuff before I make any kind of permanent switch, but in my opinion, it is much better than regular baby oil.

Anyone else know about this stuff and/or use it currently?

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