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Avoiding red spots for the girlfriend

Avoiding red spots for the girlfriend

I’m just about to start my PE journey in earnest, but I have a small problem (no pun intended):

After touching on PE a bit in the last few months, I have noticed the classic red spots appearing after jelqing. I’m convinced they’re not a negative PI, as everything else is fine, so I’m not worried about the health aspect so much. It’s my girlfriend though. She spies my spotty tidge in no time at all after a PE session, and I’ve put it down to things such as eczema or whatever.

I’m not going to tell her about PE yet, I’ll wait for the magic ‘wow’ moment from her (she’s the type that will say it).

But basically I’m looking for tips to avoid the red spots.

E.g. Less intense jelqs, less time, frequency etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.s. Great forum guys!

I think it really comes down to conditioning. Until your penis is used to being roughly handled, the capillaries are going to complain.

Just a “natural medicine” suggestion (I’m a pharmacist). Try grape seed extract (standardized for 95% PCOs; procyanidolic oligimers). Enzymatic therapy makes a great product (Grape Seed Phytosome) which is also bound to liposomes that enhance systemic absorption and delivery to target tissues (ie penile capillaries). In addition to strengthening capillaries, it also improves the health of veins. And of course PEing puts alot of stress on the veins also. A side effect albeit good one is increased blood flow ;-).…roduct_id/13116

Take 1 capsule twice to three times daily.

Great guys, thanks for your quick replies!

I’ll get some grape seed extract I think, and I’ll definitely take it easy.

But for now, I need sleep. I’ve been browsing the forum for so long.. It’s 4 in the morning.

Stats, pre PE: BPEL 6.1" MSEG 4.5"

Ultimate Goal: BPEL 7.6" MSEG 6"

That's 1.5" both ways. Wish me luck! :D

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