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Avoiding erections during stretching

Avoiding erections during stretching

Hi I’m a PE noobie, just signed up

How do you avoid erections during stretches, I am finding then when I start to pull on my penis it gets hard lol. Also using the warmup cloth isn’t helping matters. It’s all attention towards my penis, which means that it gets excited. : /

Don’t worry it is normal for newbies to experience that problem. Right now your penis automatically reacts when you grab it because it is used only to masturbation.
So it will take a couple of weeks for your penis to make the difference between PE and masturbation and as I said you will be able to stretch without erections once you get used to it.

Welcome and good luck.

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Try stretching after jelquing, the penis gets fatigued and doesn’t get hard so easily and if it does get hard reheat it with a hot rice sock until it gets soft again, the extra heat will help your workout and bring faster results.

Benefits of Heat in PE

I’d had it till a few days ago. My first 3days I did get an erection, but the 4 day it was less, the day after less and now, I didn’t had to stop because of it. It will go away soon.


Completely normal, you just need a week or so to get used to it. Best of luck - And always do warm up and down! They are very important! (And kegels also, very important).

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