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Avoiding Baseball Effect

Avoiding Baseball Effect

Hello all,

I’ve been PEing on and off since mid Jan.warm up 5 mins wrap/stretch 5-10 mins/jelq 15 mins (70% erect).with kegeling/5 mins warm wrap.

I’m below average on girth and so far have just noticed a small increase mid shaft.creating the beginnings of the baseball bat effect.

I know there’s a lot of posts on this topic and I have read them with interest.

From what I understand the way to rid this is (even though the more jelqing I do the more baseball bat I develop!) :-

By jelqing at a high erection level at a more intense ok grip at base, diminishing to lesser strength higher up shaft.


Hanging.(I’m not conditioned enough yet because I guess I haven’t been consistent enough in my PEing)


Jelqing base only will help , IE from as far back as poss till lower part of shaft.

Id be grateful if anyone can offer any more advice.

Many Thanks.

You need to jelq with the same force throughout the jelq or just the base.

If you already have a baseball bat then just start with a big force sort of speak and then ease up on it when you move up.

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