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Avoid contact with the main vein

Avoid contact with the main vein

Generally I have been avoiding putting the same amount of pressure on top as everywhere else. I feel like I shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on the main vein or else it will do some damage. Is this wrong? I havent experienced any gains in the past month and was thinking maybe it’s because I’m doing this.

So is it good or bad to put equal amounts of pressure on it?

I’m sure that a lot of guys here, including me, have put equal pressure on their shafts - top, bottom and sides. Haven’t read of any problem doing that.



While I haven’t done extensive PE in my past, I have done my fair share of jelqing with applied pressure on all sides. I’ve never experienced any apparent problems with my dorsal vein which is relatively large and more noticeable in comparison to those I’ve seen in photos of other men.

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It’s not so much the vein I worry about. I find that I get weird sensations if I jelq along the top where the nerve is. Nerve damage is a big concern.

I put more pressure on the sides - safer and it feels more productive.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Yes, I keep an even pressure along my whole penis length when I am doing PE. I tend to put more pressure on the sides too :)

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