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Average Results

Average Results

I am a newbie just starting out. Haven’t measured, but probably around 5.25 l. If I stick with the stretching and jelqing, what kind of results would you guys consider realistic over time?

hey TJW,

It really all depends on the individual, how much time you put in each week and how long you stay at it.

You might get a better idea by checking out “sizes PE data site” you can access it at the very bottom of every page. Just click on it and then click on “view data” it gives many guys progress over time. You can even check their routine by clicking on their name (that feature wasn’t working earlier today, perhaps it’s been fixed)

Remember a lot if not most guys take a while before seeing any results at all (3 months for me)

good luck

I analyzed some of the data in size’s PE database here:

Size’s PE data analysis

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Step one is get the ruler out and get some starting measurments!

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