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Average length question

Average length question

I’ve seen a lot of surveys that say the average penis size is around 6 inches. Does this mean the average size is 6 inches BPEL or not bone pressed?

Even if your answer is speculation I am very curious.

Steve-O. Use the search function man. Top right side of the screen. Upper left on the thundersplace home page. The average size penis debate, questions, everything and I mean everything has already been discussed. I’m talkin hundreds of pages. Even about your very question. Try typing in “Bone Pressed” under titles only in the advanced search spot. To answer your question quickly stating that the average penis size is 6” is about as accurate as saying the average male human is 6 foot. Ball park but not really. And yes that would most likely be bone pressed.

You’ll never get a straight answer because there have been so many surveys and they all do it differently. From what I have seen and read, the answer lies in the middle: ~6.25 BPEL, ~5.5 NBP

I’d say the best surveys show average length to be slightly less but thats pretty close. (Nbel well under six). There are threads upon threads with this info, just search for “average penis size” and you will find some good ones. One of the best has a breakdown of the SD’s and frequencies from the data from the Lifestyles condom study in Cancun.

The other studies, medical in nature are also quite revealing about average penis length. One done at UCSF showed 5.1 inches NBPEL.

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