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Average Girth Gain Time

Average Girth Gain Time

What is the expected AVERAGE time to gain 0.5 inch of girth from the start?

How about 1.0 inch?

Any seasoned PE’er’s care to reply?

Thanks again for all your info. Great place and decent people. Unusually pleasant.


wow, thanx.

Now that is one useful page thunder. Woo hoo!

One more dumb question.

My flaccid length and girth varies quite signficantly. My pecker has good days and bad days. So what then is my flaccid measurements? The biggest, average, smallest? Or is this covered somewhere and I missed it?

I’m not exactly a seasoned pe’er but maybe you would find this info usefull anyway.
I’ve gained 0.3 inches girth in 3 weeks from jelqing I suppose ( I only stretched and jelqed ).
I think this pretty fast girth gain could be because I tend to achieve girth faster than lenght so I can’t say that doing the very same routine I do would give you the same gains.
Anyway, I jelq about 25-30 mins 5 days a week in a separate session from stretching. I jelq about 75-80% errect and each stroke lasts about 4 secs (except for the first ones which last about 2 secs). I kegel before each stroke and from time to time I throw in a horse440 (after about 15-20 strokes). Before and after the jelq session I do a hot shower and also I don’t have sex/masturbate for at least 3 hours before and after.

Merry Christmas and merry girth gaining :)

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From what I can tell, 0.5 inches girth gain takes an AVERAGE of 9 months.


I want 1.0 inch girth gain. Looks like the 3 year program.

WBH who is afraid his dick will get longer than he wants before it gets the preferred thickness.

There’s really no “average” time for any type of gains. I got 0.5” EG in my first month, but then needed 11 more months for the 2nd 0.5” EG. While some guys don’t get 0.25” EG during their 1st year.


I remember that it took about an year on average to achive 0.5” based on that page. 1” of length was created in first year as well. I just can’t recall who did the math.

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