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Average Gains

Average Gains

Has anybody ever gone and figured out the average gains per month(s) ? If so what are they ?

Does anybody have an answer ?

There is no such thing as an average gain in PE, or rather such a number would be inaccurate because many people don’t do the exercises correctly or even overdo them. In the first month(s) of PE there are usually between 1/8-1/4 inch length gain because blood flow will have increased with proper exercising. It may be longer before gains are seen for some.

Currently 7.25x5.5 in.; 5.75 midshaft Trying to be 9x6.5 in.

I remember the static stretcher thread talking about relatively consistent 1/4” / month gains.

I’ve seen about 1/4” / month gains over the past 4 months with my routine. But that pace will probably slow down soon.

I’ve thought about at what point PE becomes “worth it.” I’d probably continue to PE for 1/16” / month gains, but if things got slower than that I’d take a decon break for a month or so.

God gave me: 4.75" BPEL / 5" EG

Currently: 6" BPEL / 5.25" EG

Goal: 7" BPEL / 5.75" EG

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