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Average gains?

Average gains?

Hi, is there a place on Thunder’s where I might see the average length and girth gains over a certain period of time? I think I saw it somewhere but I can’t find it anymore.

NBPEL = 6 (27/4/04). Aiming at 7 inches for now.

I might try to figure out a way to set a poll for this, that would be interesting if I could get average months/years in pe, and avergae gains out of the same info.

It’s an interesting subject, but there are too many factors invloved.
Factors such as consistancy, diet, health, dedication, routine etc etc.

You could just get a rough average of course, but it won’t be anything too accurate I wouldn’t think.

It’s a subject that comes up quite a lot, so you may aswell give the poll a shot and see how it turns out!

I think it varies alot from guy to guy, there are guys here that have gained twice as much as me in the same amount of time, and there are guys who have done it for a couple years who have yet to gain as much. I think it comes down to the intensity of your routine, your consistancy with it, your attitude, and then there’s the physical properties of your unit that come into play.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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