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Here the new guy has posts all over the forum…

once again I have a new question….

where do I get the avatar’s…lol

uuummm that’s it.

first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the :babe4:


To answer your question about the avatar’s!
When you have completed 10 posts you become eligable for an

Right now you have 3 So 7 more posts to go.

Last edited by DiamondWinds : 07-03-2002 at .

Many thanks DiamondWinds and mryayyo.

I thought I’d never find the answer to this.

dive, dive, dive

The answer has changed since then. Accounts are restricted in their ability to create threads in certain forums and have avatars/profile pictures for the first 14 days and 20 posts. That is the current setting.

Does that mean that I have to make 20 posts in 14 days? or that I have to wait 14 days or 20 posts to get one?




A good place to find avatar material is to go to Enter what you are interested in, and select a photo with the proper small size requirement.

Have the minimum requirements for avatars changes again?

I cannot add an avatar and yet I have 21 posts (as of this one!) and have been around much longer than 14 days…

When I go to the Control Panel and select Edit Avatar it has only one option with a radio button:

(*) Do not use an avatar

Am I going to the wrong place??

Commander Blop

Sorry Thunder,
it still doesn’t work. I tried refreshing in IE, and when that didn’t work I even opened up Mozilla (which I am using to type this!) for the first time at your site, so there is not way it was cached…

Any other ideas?


Commander Blop

Hey Thunder

I too have tried hitting refresh under the heading of ‘edit avatar’ and have a dot next to ‘do not use in avatar’.

I can’t even find ‘use custom avatar’ button.

Help! ;)

Ok, my new Avatar is up! Thanks Thunder.

BUT! I know for a fact “Edit Profile Picture” was not listed in the dropdown (beneath Edit Avatar) before because I had two different browsers open (IE and Mozilla), and the first one doesn’t list it…

Maybe you need 21 posts or something? (As in OVER 20?)

Anyway, mission accomplished. Thanks for your help…

Commander Blop

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