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But Thunder!! I assumed I was eligable because it said ‘member’ under my user name. :cry:

Well personally I think it’s irresponsible. You know…raise a newbies hopes, tantalising him with dreams of promotion, avatar, all the joys of full membership. ;)

:D ance:

Damn. what I meant was :dance:


Sorry I know you must be busy :) . No joy here with the avatar, seems to be the same problem as commander. Also followed your same instructions. I quick look would be appreciated.

Thanks WeSt.

OK disregard last. Seems to be working after numerous attempts. Might have jumped the gun there. Sorry. For future reference took about 30 mins from 20th post till it worked. :)

I’m an idiot. :) I accidentally put it as my profile picture. I just fixed it now.

Thanks Thunder.

Bonsai, WeSt

Where’s the control panel at?

***What can brown do for you?***

OK. I found it but it won’t let me upload anything. Seems whatever image I use is too big. I have one picture I use as my avatar on all the forums I go to but it won’t let me use it here. Is there any way to resize the picture and make it smaller?

Oh! And thanks for the help.

***What can brown do for you?***

If it’s bigger than 100x100 or its an animation with many frames it will be too large.


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