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Avatar Help!

Avatar Help!

Hey im don’t know how to?
Can someone please help me?

I would like to uppload my own avatar but
dont know where or how to?

//thx spacerat


You will be able to have an avatar just as soon as you have (don’t quote me on this) 20 posts. I believe that is the correct number these days.

As far as uploading one of your own, it really is simple, click browse, go to wherever you want and choose. Just make sure that it follows guidelines or it won’t be allowed and you will get a pm telling you that :) .

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Oh okey, so that’s why :D
Okey i’ll just have to get 20 posts then ;)


And 14 days as a member here, which you have already.


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