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AutoExtender Question

AutoExtender Question

Got my unit yesterday. Thanks a lot.

I been reading the TP forums for last 2 months but did not start the PE (by the way I am 40). I am not encouraged because everyone who got gains took years to get there. I was looking for quick gains and now I decided to do PE + AutoExtender + Kegal everyday. Any advice ?. How long should I wear AutoExtender ?? How many Jeqls ?? How many kegal ?? Etc.. I am sure gains will be faster with these 3 techniques rather then doind Jeql alone. I can only do this in the evening so I love if someone put a plan together for me I really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. Ya Da man Monkeybar.
Happy PEing , Cheers.

The Auto Extender is an excellent choice! I would take that over the Penimaster.

I think you have the right idea in terms of combination routines…. thats how I think the best gains are achieved.
Use the newbie program for the jelqing as a start and eventually you will fine tune and custom design a routine that works best for you.

I highly reccommend using a pump in your routine but I am biased in reccommending things that have worked for me.
You need to find what works for you but the basics are a good place to begin this quest.
Kegals are always good to do because they will strengthen your erections and even how far you shoot.
Here are all the links that you will find useful in your quest.

Penis Enlargement Pumping
Newbie Routine
How to Jelq
Locating the bc muscle
AutoExtender Reviews

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Auto Extender is a supurbly designed product, it is obvious that its creator Monkeybar is a PE vet. The Auto Ext seems to have been designed to combat all the problems that arose with the commercial ADS units. It is far more comfortable and much easier to wear. However, the theory behind it is not something I particuarly agree with. The Auto Ext website instructions claim it is best to ware the devise at low tension for long periods of time, but if you do this you will fell very little effect on your ligs. Infact I think the makers of Penimaster (could be another ADS make i can’t remember) claim that gains will only be made once you have gradually built up the lenght of the rods to longer than your EL. From my eperience of ADS (9hrs a day for 5 months) this is true. The problem with this is that at a high tension wearing an ADS for 9 hours a day is like a prison sentance. It is probably more time efficient to hang instead, because believe me at high tension you can’t get on with your day to day activities, which is meant to be the benefit of ADS. In general I think ADS is something that has come into fashion with PEr’s over the last 18 months, but it is a fad that won’t last. Infact you can tell by reading posts here that more and more people are again looking towards good old hanging.

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