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Autoads or xleeve

Autoads or xleeve

This week I am planning on ordering a bib but looking to get an ads as well. Would it be better to get the xleeve first and then move up to the auto ads?

In my opinion and probably most others, I would have to say you should stick with mannual exercises until they do not produce anymore gains.

What AndyB says is generally consensus.

The autoXleeve are really designed for anti-turtle. An extender is designed to apply low pressure over a long time, and hanging high pressure for relatively short time. Generally people use an extender OR hang, and then use something such as the Xleeve for anti-turtle.

Ya gains have been minor over the 5 months I have been doing manuals. I am on a week break. Ordered the xleeve and vacads. Plan on using them together. Also have the bib on order as well. After 6 months of ads and hanging hopefully I can gain .5 and get into clamping and pumping.

I think you can use the ads sleeves for anti turtle too. Sometimes my sleeve for my ADS slips off the end cap thing and i just leave it for anti turtle.

August 2008: NBPEL 4"

As extender, vacads is way way better than autoads.

Have a look in the ‘review’ forum, monkeybar recently announced some new products (for example, the long-waited replacement for the old vachanger) to hit the shelf in a short time.

i spent alot of money on sleeves. about 200? they keep ripping !

need to learn about threaband and golf weights for ads

With the vacADS, I used 2 (two!) sleeves in 2 years; even assuming maybe I’ve been actively doing PE for half that time, it’s a lot.

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