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AutoADS or AutoEXT or both

AutoADS or AutoEXT or both

Hi there
I’m new to the board and I’m curious about these devices.
I now what they do but is it okay to use them both?
The AutoADS would be perfect for my job (deskjob) but doesn’t this make the AutoEXT obsolete?
Or do you get a better stretch with the AutoEXT?
I did the LOT test and my LOT is 9.15 so for lenght I probably get the best results with low stretching, correct? Is the AutoExt good for stretching the tunica if I stretch upwards?

Thanks in advance!

Have a nice day

Do the newbie routine. No more, no less. Dont worry about buying things, you dont need to.

You clearly dont know what they do, or you wouldnt ask this. You need to do more research on the ADS principles before even thinking of buying one.

Ignore LOT, its only a theory. Worry about it later if you want to worry about it at all.

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How do you wear it

Hello Friends

I have a device that I bought from another company. I hate the head attachment. Some how I was led to this site and found out that the is a better head. How is worn. Also can you tell me just a little bit more about this ADS thanks

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Pooly: Welcome to the forum. Slack is right. You don’t need to buy anything right now if you only started PE this December. Work hard on your Newbie routine, the reasons are two fold: One to toughen your tunica for more intense exercises later, and Two, to reap all the Newbie gains before your tunica gets tough and hard to stretch. I also agree with Slack that it is too early for you to worry about LOT. This will come in to play when and if you begin hanging or heavy length work. When you are ready, the AutoExtender is probably your best bet if you spend a lot of time at a desk, especially if you have any sort of privacy. In my opinion the AutoADS works better when you are on your feet, although some stretch with it while sitting. Also Monty’s PE weights are a very good ADS if you are running around active. Also member/moderator tps had developed a very good hanger called the Redi-stretcher. We have a device for every aspect of PE. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on devices, but if you must buy, buy here.

iwillbbigger: If you have been doing the Newbie routine since February, you are probably ready for more advanced routines. Don’t waste your money on devices made outside this community. We know way more than the private sector about The Craft. If you have already bought one of the noose type extenders, check with monkeybar. I know his head clamp will fit on some of the other extender type devices, and this head clamp of his is terrific. It is the most comfortable thing I have ever clamped onto my dick,

We are in the process of making an all purpose clamp that can be used for Clamping, Hanging and Extending. It will be designed with the same soft silicon fingers for grabbing as MB’s headclamp, but will be outfitted for all aspects of PE. Look for it to be available just after the New Year. We are discussing it here:

Multi-purpose Pe Device

Good luck guys

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Thanks for the reply guys, I almost bought the sizegenetics system but after reading a lot of posts I decided to cancel my order.
I’m gonna stick with the newbie routine for the next 2 months see how that goes.
Thanks for the advice.



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