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Auto Jelqer

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They have a lot of stuff, but I haven’t found anything out of the ordinary just mainly many different things everything from urinals to timing pulleys, so there is probably some weird stuff in between. They were fast though, I ordered Sunday and got my order today, which I found pretty impressive. Do you use McMaster-Carr?

I hate to sound like I’m being difficult, but what sort of mechanical parts?

McMaster-Carr has a tendency to carry industrial-strength, but sometimes they have smaller stuff.

W.M. Berg is probably the most expensive place on the planet to buy small - but nice - mechanical stuff. Haven’t been to their website in years but I remember it sucked.

Mechanical parts that would be found in small scale robotic applications. Like printers, RC toys, just small mechanical parts. I guess it doesn’t matter much I will search around on my own, but production for the auto jelqer is kind of far off.

Okay! I haven’t posted for a few weeks but I have go some good news, I just go the motor in yesterday and it fits perfectly in the pulley, and if my calculations are correct there should be enough power in the motor to move something that is a over three pounds in 3 seconds, I will set the stroke time to 3-5 seconds per stroke. Progress should soon accelerate. I might have to make a new clamping mechanism if it is too heavy but for proof of concept it should be fine. My SanDisk multicard reader crapped out on me, either that or the operating system released an update that made it do so (I am using Ubuntu) but hopefully I will find another way to transfer photos, and I promise you will get photos of the end result. I will try to be done before summer ends.

Any updates?


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