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Auto Extender Vac Products

Auto Extender Vac Products

I Have been using a Jess extender as part of my protocol for three years and have made excellent gains! But Today I received my Vac mod kit from Monkeybar and I have to say it is of excellent quality and the thing just works!! Super comfortable and with the noose or comfort head I would lose circulation and it hurt at high tension ( for an ADS).With the vac head it just feels awesome!!
I am hooked on this product and will be using it alot in alot of different ways to make gains.
If you can get one!!


Did you get the Vacextender3 mod? Much better than the 2nd generation. I also use my cap and sleeve as an ADS with a 2 lb weight attached for up to five hours a a day and more.

Yes I did!! I was thinking about doing that right now I love wearing the damn thing. I see a big girth difference in flaccid hang after using the vac as opposed to the noose.

Do you tape?

I tried the tape it was fine then I tried without no fluid and no blister.

Never got the hang of keeping the tape in place while getting the cap properly seated. No blisters for over six months.

I second that, I’ve had one for shoot maybe 2 years now and I think it’s great. I feel like maybe I am missing out of some upgrades, do tell more about the latest generation.

The VacExtender info and future review thread provides lots of details on the upgrade. Basically, the cap is longer and comes with a vacuum ring which goes around the shaft below the glans and the wider sleeve rolls over it after rolling off the cap. Fits tighter and snugger. Google Autoextender and go to the store to see pictures.

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