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Attitude and reason for PE-ing


Attitude and reason for PE-ing

What are the different attitudes you guys have and the reasons for which you do PE?

To be honest, I am not in for PE to “get big!”. Oh but believe me though I want to get impossible sounding gains . That’s the whole aim of PE, obviously. Enlargement.

What I mean is that PE to me is more of a hobby or a highly fulfilling past time. That’s my approach. I see it as both art and science. I love to go behind the biology and physics of it. When it comes to PE, we try to find ways to make the penis bigger by effective means. I’m a pretty hands-on guy. Hence the practical aspect of PE wherein you innovate and invent, come up with nifty techniques and tools, I especially love that. That’s my drive.

If you think about it, it’s a very male thing. Having an ambition, implementing action to achieve that ambition, developing skills necessary to realize it, putting in effort to reach the level of perfection, constantly challenging yourself.. I live for this shit!

There’s so many fields involved when it comes to PE. Psychology, philosophy, aesthetics, workmanship and science.

Plus of all internet fora out there that I’ve come across, I’ve never seen so many of the members speak straight out from the heart, compliment and encourage each other. The camaraderie found here makes this place all the more special.

As simple as this may sound my attitude is one of optimism and reason? Because I’ve found nothing better than this to do(apart from helping other people).

Thank you Thunders!

Oh and there was this one sig that I saw which I think is a gem. It was something along the lines of “the intention of pe is to have a healthy penis, do that and gains will follow”. This is what I meant by philosophy.

Reason: bigger penis

Attitude: I wish it wasn’t so much f’kin work

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Nice post to start off your PE career (or at least your Thundersplace career).

My reason started out to be the biggest jaw-dropping penis a girl has ever seen, though that’s changed quite a bit by constantly questioning and getting to the core of my motives. Now, I’m happy with my size in the past (5.9x5) and now (6.75x5.25), as well as anything that may happen the future. As for my attitude, I PE because I can and when I feel like it, and get a kick of enjoyment that people believe it can’t be done. I’m still here to try and contribute back in some way, and to make attempts at reminding everyone that their dick is awesome.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

I wanna have a really huge penis. Not only big, I got that already. I want my dick to be gigantic, but I’m not really sure why, an ego thing I guess.

Attitude: I hate that I don’t have all the privacy I need to PE. I sometimes hate PE because I can’t do PE.

I’m in it for the science and physics behind it too……nahhh, not really. I just want a huge dick.

There are few things more flattering to the male ego than when a girl pulls down your pants for the first time and she gasps and gets wide-eyed and a lascivious smile starts to spread across her face because she knows she is about to get a really good fucking.

‘Nuff said.

The reason I’m here is that I am trying to overcompensate for inadequacies in other areas.

*You're in the right place – all the information you could ever need about PE is only a forum search away!*

Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

Attitude: Positivism, obsession, goal-driven, fanatic.

Reasons: I want a big dick so I don’t feel inadequate and don’t have a risk to feel bad if a cheating bitch cuts my heart again.

Ahora:Longitud: 18 BP Grosor: :littleguy avanzado a los 14 EG.

Metas:Longitud: 20 BP Grosor: 15 EG.

Fotos y progresos avantasia

reason: Better EQ and fatter cock

attitude: I’m happy where I am so any gains are gravy

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

I started PE out of curiosity and didn’t believe it could work. Now I find it fun in some ways. I work hard to keep the rest of my body fit and in good health and to me this is simply a part of it. Additionally, it is not only enjoyable to me, but also to my wife who knows about PE and thinks about it the same way I do.

April 2011: EL: 4.67" NBP EG: 4"

Current: EL: 5.52" NBP EG: 4.48"

No longer a skeptic.

I came here because I want a larger cock.. period. After the first few months I realized there is much more than just size, and the community is just great. It doesn’t take away from the fact that my goal is to get bigger.

Start: Dec 2009 - 5.75 [BPEL] x 5.25 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current Goal: - 7.00 NBPEL x 5.75 [MSEG & BASE]

I originally started for the same reasons as most everybody else - I think I am on the small side and just want to feel adequate or more than.
Before I started I had a good sexual relationship with a woman and I had mentioned a few times that I thought I was small. She basically disagreed and always had strong screaming orgasms, but I still wanted to impress her. I didn’t start PE until after we stopped having sex but were still friends.
All the time doing PE I had hopes of making some noticeable gains, which I have, and being able to show her and see how she reacted.
After many years I finally had a chance of reigniting our sexual relationship, but blew it, and now we are not even talking anymore.

So my big motivator was to impress her with my new size and give her even bigger orgasms, but now that prospect is gone and I have no prospects of any other women,
My only motivator is to just do it for the sake of proving that it is possible.
I have no use for a big dick now - so it’s nothing but an experiment.

My reason is simple I was too small now I m older and wiser so I can do with a larger penis but I do not agree with what other blokes have said up there because it sounds kind of phantasy to me. A girl never referred my dick as big or small yet I rather/ we have enjoyed each other sex and company these days I have amazing young chicks and I would not say it is my dick I rather put it the way I speak to them and build up the momentum so the blow an orgasm before they realise. To me it is all in the head.

Blue eye, blonde latino

After being bombarded with spam about increasing my penis size I searched and eventually came to Thunder’s following a curiosity as to whether any “true” penis enlargement methods existed.

From what I could find online I figured that if there was a legitimate method, this is where I would find it, and I set out to prove it for myself.

I feel I’ve more than proved it to myself, and hope to be able to contribute to others from what I learned.

My philosophy towards PE is that less is more but just enough is even more.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!


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