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Attention all Power Jelq users

Attention all Power Jelq users

Hi Everyone,

I ordered a Power Jelq device today and am wondering peoples opinion on it, especially those of you that already use one. I was also wondering, do you think 1 rest day (sunday) from jelqing is adequate? Also, do you think 30 min. jelq in the morning, 30 min. jelq at night would be more effective than 60 min. jelq at night. Or do you think I should just do 30 min. in the morning and an hour at night?

thanks for the help and encouragement,

Cancel your order and do a search on Power Jelq on this and the other forums. You can make one for less than $5.00 and get the same results :)

The ravings of a madman...

I don’t like the design of the thing. Seems like rolling your cock flat is not the way to go.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

the PJ is not for everyone but has worked well for me over the last 10 mos.
It’s arguable that the continuous jelq from using 2 hands is better than the pause with the pj while rolling to the head but if you are really uncomfortable with manual jelqs like myself it’s a good solution.
I don’t think that the rollers compress the tissues much more than manual jelqs but it is a good workout and will produce gains if consistent.
I believe that 30 minutes at one session is the max that one should do.
Follow it up with a stretch program with several stretches and you are on the way to more length and girth. I’m not sure about (2) 30 minute sessions per day but maybe more is better.

stats: 6x5.5 beginning currently 6.75x6 (girth of head)
I guess some think the head measurement is cheating but It’s where I started measuring. I also have a mushroom head and thinner shaft at the base, yes the baseball bat look.


Hi Bigbed,

I have one and use it regularly. It’s easier than manual jelqing, but whether it works better or worse than manual jelqing I can’t say.

Personally, I don’t believe the “flat dick” comments I’ve read. I’ve never seen any pictures to support this idea. On the other hand maybe I just haven’t seen enough pictures?

Apparently the majority of members on this forum don’t use one, and they pretty much all make gains anyway. So it’s definitely not a necessary item.

take care,
busted bus

When I began PE, I bought a PowerJelq, and managed to gain just over 1 inch in about 6 weeks or so, using it about 1 hour per day, every day. I’m now sure most of this gain was lig stretching, and I might have had similar results using some other technique. I have reached a plateau, however, and not gained more than 1/4 inch in 6 months.

I have enjoyed using the PowerJelq, and feel it gives a great workout. I have difficulty using my hands for manual jelqing due to arthritis in my fingers, so the PowerJelq is just about perfect for me.

I don’t think my dick is any flatter than it was before. :)

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