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At what point is fluid build up dangerous?

At what point is fluid build up dangerous?

I did a few hang sets today but decided to keep the wrap on for a bit longer than usual. Then I thought.. hmm this could be like a bit of a cock ring. I worked up an erection and the unwrapped part looked really engorged like I clamped or something but when my erection subsided, that bit remained with a decent amount of blood and was plump and a bit soft.

For one thing I know I wasn’t cutting of circulation because my penis was still warm throughout. Because of this, I decided what the hell.. and kept it on a bit longer. close to an hour.

When I finally removed the wrap, I noticed a slight(but very visible) girth difference between the wrapped and unwrapped part. The expanded unwrapped part even had what I can only describe as softer, looser skin which I could only attribute to it stretching unless I’m wrong.

Also I suspect this is the fluid buildup everyone is always talking about but I never understood it. Is this it? And if so, is it dangerous? Would it be safe for me to keep the wrap on for long periods of time like an all day cock ring and just let the fluid clear when I sleep for example??

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It’s dangerous when it doesn’t clear within perhaps 30 minutes of taking off any constriction. It’s not blood, it’s lymphatic fluid. There is absolutely no point letting it build up as it will only stretch skin, not the tunica. Unless you want loads of extra hanging flappy loose skin of course.

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