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Why some people write they take aspirin while PE?

It’s good to take aspirin, but why when PE?

I vaguely remember reading that it may reduce the risk of a thombosed vein.

Think that was it anyway.

Grow yourself a whopper, then tell her to fuck off.


Why should you get a thrombosed vein?

On the dick?

I think it may be to enhance blood flow to the area also. But I am guessing at this.

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Why should you get a thrombosed vein?
On the dick?

Do some more reading.

Grow yourself a whopper, then tell her to fuck off.

I don’t think taking an aspirin for PE would be a good idea. Aspirin thins the blood, and I believe that thin blood contributes to red spots and discoloration.

Aspirin does indeed thin the blood and if taken in high doses can perhaps cause damage during a PE session.although I think it would have to be a pretty high dose. Certainly taking a low daily dose of aspirin won’t hurt your PE session and there are studies showing that it may actually be good for your heart.

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Sorry to semi hijack, but Thinkerer what kind of damage would you be referring too, the red spots?

Asprin does thin the blood and I have read in past that thinner blood gives you a bigger cock!! So maybe for greater gains, take asprin?? Just guessing

Aspirin(salicylate) improves blood flow by reducing the body’s output of thromboxane, a chemical that causes blood platelets to become “stickier”. This exposes tissues to greater amounts of nutrient carrying blood. Speeds recovery during reps and sets. You don’t need very much either for it to work, a dose as low as 30 mg(a tenth of a tablet). For safety crush it up and mix it with a drink before your workout.

Im not sure if people without any problems would need to take aspirin. It sure does thin the blood and hence prescribed to people with heart problems or ones who suffered paralytic strokes. Increased water consumption could lead to blood thinning temporarily. So why not drink more problems?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

You only need to take the 81mg dose,(that is what I believe it is). But for sure the baby aspirin. I was taking the full dose for many years, cut my finger that needed stitches and could not get it to stop bleeding for days. The doc told me to stop taking the full dose, and only take the baby dosage.

Did a search on vein thrombosis the other day and came away with the basic (medical) advice to: take an aspirin a day, apply heat, massage, and (in the case of non-deep-vein), continue normally (with respect to exercise, lifestyle, etc.). I expect most of this would apply to PE injuries, except possibly the last item.

I believe I may have a thrombosed vein. It’s a hard little bump under the skin. About a week ago I was doing my usual routine when after 2 mins of jelqing I felt a lump on my penis, only to discover it was a burst cappillary. Now there is a hard little bump where it had occured. Would taking aspirin help this?

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Patientone .. You need to take some time off PE. Maybe a couple of weeks if its not a serious issue. Aspirin wont help there.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

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