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Aspirin to improve circulation?

Aspirin to improve circulation?

Has someone ever tried this ?

I take one a day for heart and circulation help anyway. They are good for you as long as you don’t take so much that you start having stomach problems. Will it help PE? Doubtful, but it is good to take aspirin daily.

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Aspirin does not “improve circulation.” It reduces the ability of the platelets to attach to things and start the clotting mechanism. In layman’s terms, it “thins the blood.” Although that’s a misnomer since the viscosity of the blood is not affected by aspirin, but its ability to clot is reduced.

People with heart problems such as coronary occulsion or atrial fibrillation may benefit from reducing the ability of their blood to clot, but the daily aspirin routine is not for everyone. You should start that treatment only on your doctor’s advice.

Taking aspirin will not help you in your PE workouts.

I take one 81 mg baby aspirin a day for overall general heart and circulation health. My doctor said it is a good practice.

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Westla is correct. Aspirin irreversibly binds platelets, inhibiting their ability to aggregate, or clump together, which is what platelets do to start a clot forming. This is why people with heart disease (or risk factors for heart disease) or stroke risk are started on an aspirin a day—a heart attack is almost always caused by a sudden clot forming on an already narrowed coronary artery. So aspirin helps prevent this.

Aspirin DOES NOT improve the function of the heart, the state of the arteries, or any other factor in circulation. In fact, taking aspirin may increase the amount of bruising and little purple spots (petechiae) in your skin from doing PE. That’s why I avoid it (but I would take it if I had a risk for heart attack or stroke).

Just FYI: if you are ever in a situation where you think you or someone is having a heart attack, studies show the single most effective first thing to do is to have them chew an aspirin and swallow it. If you do this, it might help prevent further blockage of the artery. And it’s something you can do on the way to the ER or while waiting for the ambulance.


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Use fish oil to potentially improve circulation, also exercise both cardio and weight lifting. One of the better fish oils is Carlson’s and the very best is krill oil (neptune) - krill is a form of plankton in the ant-artic. Great- stuff to add to daily supplements.

Originally Posted by westla90069

Taking aspirin will not help you in your PE workouts.

Do you think aspirin, 100 mg daily and I am about 180 pounds, can facilitate discoloration?


I’m not sure we’ve ever found the true reason for discoloration. I’ll admit I don’t suffer from it and have not read every thread on the subject. We know that new jelqers get red spots which seem to be broken capillaries. They heal overnight and the spots go away. Discoloration may be due to the pressure causing a more generalized leaking of red blood cells (or broken up red blood cells) from the circulation and into the tissues. I wouldn’t think aspirin would have any effect on that. I’m probably completely off base on this since I haven’t tried to educate myself about discoloration.

Originally Posted by westla90069
I wouldn’t think aspirin would have any effect on that. I’m probably completely off base on this since I haven’t tried to educate myself about discoloration.

Last year I did 6 months of clamping with one cable clamp and 2 months with 2 clamps.

This second phase produced great gains but also a bad discoloration starting in an irregular way 1-2” from the base.
The pressure was very intense. As aspirin is a blood thinner I thought about a relationship.

I stopped completed the clamping and now I am searching my last half an inch in girth using the safer method of pumping.

Thank you for your opinion.

I don’t think that is a wise thing to do. When you need an aspirin really bad later on, it won’t work anymore.

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Bended is incorrect. There is no long-term down-regulation of aspirin’s desired effects.

Let me clarify: platelets circulate in the body for about seven days before they are removed by the spleen and replaced with new from teh bone marrow. Aspirin’s effect for preventing heart attacks and strokes occur because it irreversibly binds platelets, and through a prostoglandin inhibition, prevents platelets from being able to stick together, which is what they do when they try to make a clot.

If I am going to perform surgery on a patient, I tell them to get off of aspirin for a week, because that’s about how long the effected platelets will hang around in their circulation. After a week of no aspirin, essentially all of the circulating platelets have normal function.

As far as discoloration, there is both a theoretical, in my case, experienced difference when taking aspirin (and aspirin-like substances, such as ibuprofen, which inhibits the same prostoglandin formation, but does not bind platelets irreversibly) and bruising/discoloration. I noticed more bruising from both my efforts in PE and from my martial arts when taking those meds. Is it significant, or not worth taking aspirin? Certainly, if I had a heart attack or stroke risk and my doctor put me on aspirin, I would continue it. Otherwise, if you are having discoloration issues, try not taking any of those meds for a few weeks and see if it improves.


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I just had a PE injury that I attribute to larger doses of aspirin.

Periodically my back gets re-injured, perhaps once per year. I have found that taking a lot of aspirin, approximately the dosage on the bottle, really speeds up my recovery. I only do this for about 3-4 days.

This was the first time I have had a back injury while doing PE.

My usual PE routine caused bruising to the extent that I am taking a few days off. I had fine tuned the routine to not produce any pain or other negative PI’s.

I don’t know if the 81 mg daily dosage does anything related to PE, but I would stop PE if I was using the full dosage on the bottle for a non-penile injury.

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