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Asking Your Thoughts on a Routine

Asking Your Thoughts on a Routine

Hey ya’ll,

I have been at this for ~8 months (I understand this is a short time for many of you but I was not coming into this as a lifestyle).
I have logged 1,200 hours in stretchers/extenders only to see zero gains the first 4 months.
I have played with my Bathmate but this has always been an add on and never my main means of PE.
And of course, I have done manual stretches and loads of kegels (not that much on the jelq side).
All said and done… I have actually made some great gains but I want a bit more.

The catch and the reason for this thread, I am tired of PE. I am tired of being on the edge of decent to no erection quality. I am tired of having to plan out every sexual encounter because I know I need a couple of rest days for safety (this is my number 1 issue). I just need a change but I am not willing to totally stop because I know how long getting momentum back will take IF I could get it back again at all (I am not a young guy).

So that is where I am at, I can’t stop but I have to make a change that will still give me some gains but I really really want my full erection quality back without worrying about it.

I have an idea for a routine, a two on - one off routine using a Bathmate and Phallosan Forte but would like some of ya’lls opinion on how I structure it.

A) Bathmate / Bathmate / Rest Day / Phalloson / Phallosan / Rest Day
B) Bathmate / Phallosan / Rest Day / Bathmate / Phallosan / Rest Day

The more I think of it, the more I like Option B but I also see some perks to Option A as I think two days of the same may have some positive effect.

I cannot thank ya’ll enough for your input, I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

Timed out to make this adjustment to the above thread:

What I like about Option B is relating it to muscle building. I am giving my unit two full days of recovery time before hitting it with the same workout. Kinda like upper body / lower body / rest day thing.

What I see as an advantage of Option A is the penis is not a muscle so I may get more benefit by hitting 2x in a row before having a rest day.

Now for some of ya’lls feedback

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