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Asking for advice before starting PE

Asking for advice before starting PE

Hi all,
This is my first thread so please bare with me if at any time I seem to be rambling on. I joined a couple months ago after searching for several months for natural and legitimate PE products or exercises. I read a lot of guy’s postings looking at why they joined and am very interested in the different mindsets encountered here, however I have not yet found a situation quite like mine and am curious if anyone can lend any type of advice before I begin a routine.

Ok, so I was actually never a guy with any real concerns about size. While I had measured my unit before (6 inches NBPEL ) it was more-so for a female friend than myself, and I got over most insecurities simply by paying attention to detail (I haven’t run into any cow pussies in my endeavors, but hey I’m only 22) however last year I ran into some big problems. To make a long story short, open relationships and drunken sex are not always the best things life has to offer. I caught a seemingly simple STD (chlamydia) and had it treated, or so I thought. A few months go by and I’ve completely put the incident behind me when one day my urine stream starts to slow. Initially I believed this to be simply me not really having to pee, but as the days turned to weeks the sensation got worse. Not only was the sensation of having intensifying, but while receiving oral from a female friend I was shocked to notice that upon blowing my load there was no “explosion” all over the place, but more of a “leaking faucet” type of situation where my cum kinda just oozed out, even tho I could feel the muscles in my penis contracting. Somehow though, that still wasn’t enough to convince my dumb ass to go see a doctor, and I simply continued messing around doing nasty stuff with nasty (albeit hot) girls for a few more months.

It was until a during a shift at work I noticed I had gone to the bathroom 8 times that I said enough is enough. Now I knew I didn’t have an std because I had been tested at a clinic immediately after the oozing cum syndrome (but somehow failed to mention to the lady about my inability to urinate properly.) Now at this point, I am routinely taking two and three times as long to urinate as regular men, and am now lacking a feeling of relief even when my stream stops, however I am absolutely SURE I don’t have an std. So of course the trip to the emergency results in every doctor or nurse proclaiming that it’s all “mental” or that I have an STD and handing me pills and asking me not to flinch as they stab me in the butt with needles. By the grace of god one doctor takes notice of my symptoms and asks about my urine output, as well as my prostate health. An ultrasound is done showing that I am retaining fluid in my bladder and a week later I am at the urologists office being victimized! My prostate was enlarged, however a cystoscopy revealed the true culprit: a urethral stricture had developed and was now causing serious problems as my body tried to adjust to having to force liquid and semen through such a small hole. The decision was made to have the entire area of the stricture removed which has ended up being close to a 1/2 inch.. I never realized how much that 1/2 inch meant. Maybe it’s just the psychological effects of the surgery (which was a grueling 9 week process of having two urinal bags, one coming through a catheter from my penis and the other coming directly through my bladder, not to mention the infection that seemed inevitable) or maybe it was the new feeling of my unit; but the depression was fairly intense. I tried acting as if nothing changed, got out and was knee deep in the pussy the first chance I got (which was waaaaay too soon probably) but I can’t shake the feeling of being inadequate, that is until I found this site. Stories here give me a lot of hope, and in all honesty.. I don’t have a desire for a ten inch penis. I just want what I lost, and I’m not talking about the 1/2 inch. Maybe regaining that length will help, I don’t know, but I’ve never been one to stay down about something too long. It’s been 8 months since the final tube was taken out, and I still am probably going to wait til the one year mark hits before I start any routine, and and I’m sure I’ll start with something a little lighter than the newbie routine. But I figured it would be smart to ask the more experienced members as well as anyone who has had a similar situation for advice. Is a year long enough? Should I even be thinking about PE at all?? Is it possible I am getting into this for the wrong reasons?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated guys. Thanks

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What the main man said.

I think that there are many reasons to PE, and yours isn’t the worst one by a long stretch (no pun intended). I’d be thinking about PE in your situation too, and I’d be having the same concerns as you. I wouldn’t want to encourage you to do something or discourage you either. You’re in a special position that you have had major trauma to your penis in the last year. Unless you can be sure that no undue problems should be expected, I’d lay off the PE in your position.

Be careful and good luck with whatever you do.

Could you be more specific about the 1/2” removed?

It seems that removal of the urethral stricture would only necessitate removal of 1/2” of the urethra, and possibly part of the spongiosum. I mean, a catheter can fit inside the urethra, it is very elastic, and I have never heard that the urethra is an issue where length gains are concerned.

Did they just remove a 1/2” piece of your urethra , or was your penis (tunica albuginea, and associated nerves) completely resectioned (i.e. penis completely severed, 1/2” section removed, penis reattached)?

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Thanks guys for the advice. My final appointment with the surgeon will be in the next month or so, so ill definitely bring it up while there. All doctors involved since the surgery have said that ill make a full recovery but that my unit will bend in another direction. And kdong, mostly it’s just been the urethra removed, they did not completely detach the penis and reattach it, so the result has kinda been more girth at the base at expense of length. Almost like it is being pushed together at the base.. Kinda weird actually

"The greatest thing a man can do in this world is to make the most possible out of the stuff that has been given him. This is success, and there is no other"- Orison Swett Marden

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