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Ask for the vets

Ask for the vets

Guys I want to ask something to the older guys of PE, I am really having a hard time on PE, yesterday I couldn’t sustain erections during Jelq, and having a lot of trouble get my little buddy up just with my imagination (I have a horrible focus), On JAI stretch I am having a little trouble because always I get to the base head of my penis, my hand slippy a little bit and stay on the beginning of my head and that’s concerns me, a get the donut effect from Jelq (this can be dangerous?), resuming I am a little blue, this is just a stage?? You guys had a bad stage??

Advices from anyone would be welcome!

If you’re getting the donut effect from jelqing you’re squeezing way too hard, hence your poor erection quality. Lay off for a few days and reduce your intensity by half.

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I only jelq hard enough to feel pressure and a stretchy feeling.

A full erection is not what you want when you jelq .

25% to 50% is all you want , really .

Try some good porn if you need to stimulate your imagination .

For stretching , you want your hands and penis free of any lubricants .

A little baby powder on your hands will help with any slipping .

If you are getting too much of a doughnut effect from jelqing , try easing up the pressure as you near the head of your penis , at the end of your stroke .

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