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Asian with stereotypical small penis


Originally Posted by Crosshair

@Airic499 - yeah I know you meant to be supportive but it didn’t come off that way. Let me guess, you are non-Asian with an Asian wife?

Nothing against you personally, but it drives me mad when I see an Asian girl/white guy couple. It’s very unfair how Asian men are treated in this society.

I’m white, with an Asian wife. I married the first woman I slept with. Too bad for her, I was also her first, and she thought dicks were all the same size till just a few years back, when she started working in the medical field and realized how small I am. I often laugh at her and tell her she got robbed.

I feel bad for how most other women treat Asian guys, but I also feel bad for how women in general treat guys with small dicks. It’s unfair, but life is unfair. (Not trying to be mean). Women have their preferences, and are very selective. I just try to accept the fact I’ll never be a stud, but in the meantime will keep pulling and squeezing, hoping to get to the point where I CAN be a stud.

About the stereotype. The same exists for white guys, amongst minority women. Particularly black women, but lots of Asian and Latinos also say white men have small dicks. I contribute to that stereotype, so I feel your pain. My wife, who sees lots of dicks at work every day, once commented about it. She was talking about one of her patients who had a really long dick. She said something along the lines of, “surprisingly, he was white” before she caught herself, then tried to change it, but it was too late.

At any rate, just keep PEing, if you stick with it you will likely make an improvement

Yeah, good luck brother and in spite of the stereotypes.

Just plan on being the exception.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Yeah I guess. It’s really ridiculous. Life ain’t fair, but for some its more unfair than others.

Originally Posted by Crosshair
I have a 4 inch erect penis, and the girth isn’t fat either.

Is it possible for me to grow to have up to 7 inches?

It’s very saddening when Asian guys are known to have small penises and it’s true. Its a huge confidence killer when trying to pick up women.

I actually did gain .5 inches previously, so my original stats were 3.5 inches erect.

What supplements can I take to ensure these gains?

I highly, HIGHLY recommend you submerge yourself in the thread I linked below—it’s by far the most helpful, informative and widely-varying source of information and inspiration that I’ve ever encountered on these forums (what’s wonderful about this place is that there are probably many threads like it—there’s just so much to discover on Thunder’s that I just haven’t found them yet).

Guy started out at a similar size to you, 4.6”, and quickly made his way up to 5.75”. I’m sure his gains did not stop there, but his progress thread did. 46 pages of amazing inspiration—the guy is a talented writer and an amazingly positive thinker, and it got him great gains. It can get anyone great gains, you just have to get the mindset. His thread will tell you step by step the things you need to know and do to succeed at PE. Before you start, read as much of this as you can! I’m still not all the way through it, save a little bit each day for inspiration :)

Invisible's Progress Thread:

Invisible’s Progress Thread: Hoping to Become Visible


The black man stereotype is bar to. Women want to hook up with a black guy having high expectations only to find an average penis when they whip it out. Must be a bummer.

Thank you smallja for the reference

Whatever it is in life you just gotta fight for it!! Lol

Sure Asian penises are smaller on average than Americans but that just means that you will have to work harder just to get a new start at an American average size penis before moving on to that long beautiful cock that you are dreaming of and will set you apart even more obviously there than over here.

Seems like the maximum ever gained was about 3 inches. So if I max out, ill just be at the avg size everyone else started at

I’m not asian but when started PEing this year,june 9 2012 i was 4.7
Now,after trying different routines I’ve reached 5.1
And i’m not satisfied yet.

Every girl I’ve been with had something
To say about my size.
I’ve lost my virginity to a girl that i was her 2nd.
Her ex had a 8x5.
So when she pulled down my pants for the
First time,her face almost fell off…

I ended up marrying the girl that fits me the least ,physically.but we had a year of
Mind blowing sex before the size issue
Monster started to crawl into our bed.

I feel like you do,
I have louds of self confidence in everything me,besides my dick size.

But i’m optimistic about it,
I think i desserve to be,

I strongly recommend you read everything
You can regarding routines,techniques,etc.

Patience and persistence are the key.
You’ve been to PEGym,there’s a woman
Section there,use it ! :) its very comforting
The things the ladies says there.

Good luck


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