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Asian PE'er


Asian PE'er

I am completely new to PE and I am an asian man who is generally happy with my size and married to a beautiful asian woman the love of my life who is also happy. However, I am always up for enhancing the sexual experience in the bedroom and I definitely can use some help. Ofcourse there’s always the stereotype that asian men like women are smaller compare to our white/black/hispanic etc comrads. I just want to know that I am not the only one out there (I’m sure I’m not) is there any experienced asian members with some motivational stories about how they started and what type of progress they had? I am hoping to gain about 1” length and 1” girth in about 6 weeks (if that’s even possible) to start and who knows after that where it’ll take me but I am currently at about 5.75 length and 5.25 girth. Where did you start and where were you in 6 weeks. The reason I want to have such as speedy gain is because I want to surprise my wife she’s going on a trip for next month and before she comes back I want to give her a “big surprise”. Can anyone recommend a good routine keeping in mind that I am a newbie.

Well you have a good start girthwise (clearly above average thickness). You won’t gain an inch in both directions in 6 weeks and maybe not in a year. You may get some newbie gains if you are lucky though, and those can be pretty quick. Like everyone else, start off with manual stretches and jelqing. Look up the newbie routine at the top of this forum.

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On average, 2 years of steady PE are required to gain 1”x0.5”.

Thanks ESC. Hopefully I do get some newbie gain though like you said though kinda like beginner’s luck I guess. As for girth I didn’t measure properly I am more like around 4.75 or a little bit more but I guess that’s only average. I’m not too concern about what the average since it’s really different for every man but if I can gain an inch or even close to an inch I’ll be a happy camper and maybe half an inch in girth. I need to work on it. I have more time to focus on this while she’s away.

My advice is : don’t try rush things. Better underwork than overwork. Wish you best gains.

It took a couple of months before I got any noticeable gains, but by about 3 months it was unmistakeable.

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Great thanks at least I know that what is realistic and what isn’t but I will try my best to get the best results possible. It’s definitely a worthwhile exercise I mean if we try to hard to work our other muscles this muscles shouldn’t be neglected. Thanks forum is great!

You can make some pretty good newbie gains, but don’t expect a miracle in 6 weeks. I gained 1/2” in length and girth in my first 3 months.

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The absolute worst thing you can do in your situation is to rush it, attempting to gain within a 6 week time frame. Won’t your wife be surprised when she gets home and you no longer have a working penis due to PE related injuries!

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Hey tamahome! I’m an Asian like you and I’m happy that you found this wonderful site. With the right attitude, you would surely achieve your goals in no time. Gains are really different for everyone. In my case, the gains came pretty quick (0.5 inch in length in 3 weeks) but I had to stop because of an injury which you should totally avoid. I got pretty excited over the fast gains and overtrained my unit which caused my injury. So my advice would be to take it easy and don’t ever rush on anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry. That all for now, good luck and may gains come your way!

Just make sure to take it easy. Too often I feel like I’m not doing enough, and want to add more to the newbie routine. I’ve read enough on this site to just stick with the basic routine for now. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself and loose a lot of time because you have to wait until you heal.

I see thanks everyone for the advice seems to be the same thing that I should be aware of the possibility of injury if over-trained. Well I am trying a 2 on 1 off routine is that good? I do PE for about 1hour a day consisting of 1/2 stretch and 1/2 jelq (upward and downwards I don’t like the feeling of side ways it feels like I’m gonna yank it off! Haha). Does that sound like a good routine?

Your routine sounds fine but you should add kegels into it as well.

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That’s pretty big for an Asian but yeah good luck, try newbie routine and you might get 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch in length within 6weeks of solid PE if you’re very lucky.

Thanks skeebo for the advice I have heard that kegels helps with endurance and that’s really important I’ll keep that in mind but from what I heard you can just do those even if you’re in front of the computer, watching TV etc. Which I am going to try.


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