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As a newbie, I remember wanting IT ALL....


You are far from being a “hard gainer”, as you claimed to be. A hard gainer does not gain 1 inch with such pace. I would call you an easy gainer.

Inspite of that, I agree with most of what you said, there must be some moderation.

Great post wantsomemore, but what about some detail on your chica’s bi-sexual friend?

Originally Posted by irishjim
Great post wantsomemore, but what about some detail on your chica’s bi-sexual friend?

Ha! 5’7” (most of it legs), dark sultry eyes,yoga body- bubble butt, c-cup titties, and angular, dark brown punky hairdo. But here’s the deal irishmjim- I don’t do my “chicas bi-sexual friends” anymore. I used to, but her tastes in women are not mine. Besides, she’s shy and gets like one girl every five years- starlet types, perfect to look at, but dumb, confused, and self involved. I go for intelligent, punky, art girls who like to do shit (kayak, yoga, climbing). She likes lambs and I like tigers. Sometimes we meet in the middle over something though- if you know what I mean (: The best ones are when me and one of my tigers destroy one of her little lambs :buttrock:

Maybe I’ll get into it in Life, Love, and Fantasies one of these days….

ThunderSS: doesn’t miss a thing!!! Yeah, I remember there being an issue regarding the provenance of Uncut4Big’s post. Thanks for clearing it up.

And regarding the other comment, no, definitely NOT a hard gainer (knock on my wood).

However, that said, there have been definite times over the last seven months where I’ve felt my dick getting harder after workouts and have seen my flaccid not looking so good and where I felt stalled. In the past I would’ve tried to “blast” past these spots. Now I take a one or two week de-conditioning break and work back into it at a lower intensity than I was at before the break, laying extra emphasis on getting really heated pre- and post- workout.

I’ve also grown very opposed to a kind of stretch that I’ve done in the past which I feel can really stall you out~ I’ll call them “whirlybird” stretches. In these I used to pull my dick out to one side as far as it would go and then I would rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise, around and around. For some reason, it seemed (for me) like this kind of stretching was extremely counterproductive and actually stiffened up the ligs. Someone else mentioned in another thread that this “plasticizes” the ligs. Whatever it is, this kind of rotational stretch almost guarantees that I’ll hit a plateau and need to decon.

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