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Arnica for relief, bruising - pump

Arnica for relief, bruising - pump

I have been a PE’er for years but have recently for the past few months been experimenting with pumping, mainly full package. You can head down to your local health food store, they should have quite a selection of arnica products.

I guess this should be in the pumping thread, but alas it has to go here due to my membership status.

So pumpers, as we know, we don’t want discoloration due to bruising. I’ve been putting arnica on my freshly-pumped member, in which it seems I am getting good results. It’s a natural pain reliever that also helps with swelling, which, I’m no doctor, but could or could not be beneficial for PE..

Anyways, something I felt to pass on. And if anyone can offer more info, please do.

I’ve occasionally put arnica cream on my penis after over-doing the PE. Don’t know if it has really helped; it’s just something I’ve done automatically. Certainly can’t do any harm.

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