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Arginine liquid and lotion, cissus, amino fuel

Arginine liquid and lotion, cissus, amino fuel

I’ve been pumping/PE on and off for about 15 years with average success. Has anybody used arginine liquid mixed with water base lotion topically while pumping ? Also for recovery has anybody used cissus and amino fuel.

15 years?? Could you post you experience: routines/gains…

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1 inch in length and .250” in width. Like I said on and off, but mostly off. Looking for a vasodialator lotion to apply directly(makes more sense), gona use arginine liquid and water base lotion and see what happens. The post recover routine is a predigested protein called Amino fuel. It has proline and lysine which along with 3000 mg(daily) vitamin C repairs ligaments.

Just thought I’d point out that 1) proline is made by the body, so you don’t need to supplement it and 2) it’s pretty unlikely the arginine will be delivered to your blood stream without the help of something like dmso.

What are the natural alternatives to dmso ?

Please research arginine-based vasodilator products, the research performed on them is pretty lackluster and usually shows no efficacy. They are predicated on the idea that arginine is a precursor for nitric oxide, which it is, but that doesn’t mean more arginine equals more NO. If you really want vasodilation use glycerine or liquor (well maybe not liquor for health reasons). They both work much better and have much more substantiated proof.

Also, we know some pretty good ways to increase bloodflow in this community - jelqing comes immediately to mind. Save your money.

Additionally, we are not lifting weights here. A healthy diet will work just fine for recovery. If you are causing a lot of trauma that is hard to recover from, you are doing something wrong.

One more thing, not too relevant considering this is NOT weightlifting, but I have been both a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, and now it is my job to increase the performance of athletes. I can think of only three supplements that are proven to work and worth what you pay. The first is protein - a normal part of a sound diet. The second is illegal, but they work better than anything else and are usually cheaper than the supplements with fancy names at GNC. And the third is creatine, but it certainly is not a “must have.”

Rant over.

Anyway, my point is please don’t believe all the claims that you hear from these supplement companies, especially when you want to cross-apply them to PE - an already dubious step.


Thanks, the routine I follow is stretch 10min, 50 jelqs, 15 min pump, 50 jelqs, 15 min pump, 50 jelqs, 15 min pump, 30 jelqs. Pumping is at 5-6HG.


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