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arginine and yohimbine available in canada

arginine and yohimbine available in canada

Do you know if it`s possible to buy some arginine and yohimbine in canada.


Arginine *IS* available, but you need to order it from the states (yeah, I know, makes no sense.) With the dollar conversion, it ain’t cheap, but customs okay’s it. I’ve ordered from GNC, and recently

For whatever reason, you can supplements WITH arginine, just not arginine alone.

As for yohimbe, I’m not sure, I’ve never looked into it.

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

Apple, I can get pure L-Arginine under the counter here without having to order from the States. :up:

You’ll just have to be discreet and ask around! :hide:

Yohimbine is a supplement that I have not tried, so I can’t say for sure!

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

(Being discreet and asking around) psst hey 6gofor10, know where i can get any arginine, oh, say, mailed to me?

If you procrastinate you choose LAST

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