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ARGH Blasted Phallosan Forte- Got A Few Problems/Questions So Please HELLLLP

ARGH Blasted Phallosan Forte- Got A Few Problems/Questions So Please HELLLLP


1) So basically I just put a hole in the fu**ing silicon condom trying to roll it up and over the bell (couldn’t do it so I then tried to fold it over in one go/gentle pull and that’s when my finger went through it). The youtube tutorial video makes it look so easy but it’s tight and thin and doesn’t like to roll up very easily
I assume this has been made since purchasing my phallosan forte 1 year ago (which I’ve still not used properly yet)??

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2) The cardboard guide for the condom (or is it for the bell) is not brilliant because I could fit M and L according to it where M is a tighter fit (but definitely fits) and L is a looser fit (but also fits).

3) The video on youtube shows no Velcro on the belt (just the hook bit that the contraption clicks into being used to secure the belt to your waist) so am I literally supposed to pull it up like a pair of underwear (because undoing the Velcro would take longer) but it means it has to go on after my underwear.

4) My gland is on the larger size and I can’t keep my foreskin pulled down enough or just not long enough to keep the foreskin pulled back and keep the cap open wide, is it possible the optional protector cap just doesn’t fit larger heads as when I do get it on (and they make it look so easy with a fixed short thinner dick on the video) it’s squeezing the gland into the shape of a babies dummy/pacifier and isn’t fully covering the gland anyway (can’t do it easily anyway as I don’t stay hard or semi for long at all and I’m just barely 2.5” at my smallest flaccid). I know that shaving down there should make it easier, but I had the issue months ago when I was and I tried with it back then (before I unravelled the belt). That’s another issue I have anyway is that its somewhat uncomfortable to pull the foreskin all the way back when fully erect (easy enough semi, but mostly not when hard, dunno if my skins just too short but it’ll always wanna roll back to sit directly under the gland helmet).

5) When you inevitably go flaccid whilst wearing the thing, what happens then, especially when I’d revert from about 4” semi to 2.5” flaccid at my absolute smallest? That’s a big change.

6) If I start just wearing it overnight and nature calls, how easy is it to be removed, do my business and then put it back on (which no doubt gets easier once you actually manage to get the blasted thing on properly.

7) How effective is using just this and perhaps a few times per week a BathmateHydromax extreme?

I understand they recently brought out much stronger condoms for this, might be worth contacting them.

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