Area of feeling stretch

I am new to PEing. And have a question for any experienced PEers. First I will let you know of my routine and about myself. I have a BPEL of 6.5 and a girth of 4.75, erect angle of 11 o’clock. I have been PEing for 4 weeks now, and hanging SD and BTC. Hanging 6 sets of 20 min, warm up with 20 min of wet jelqing. First week was 2 pounds d felt lig stretch, after a week was comfortable to move up to 3 pounds. After a week of 3 pounds, moved up to 5 pounds. It was uncomfortable to do BTC at 5 pounds, so I hung SD for a week. After that week, it was comfortable to do BTC. May I add that I have been hanging 5 days on 2days off. I feel a definate stretch in my ligs, but no real stretch in my penis itself. My question is, is there a point when ligs are stretched out long enough that I will feel stretch in my penis ( will the stretch feeling change from pubic bone area, to inner penis stretch)

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