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Are you supposed to grip upward stretches differently than the others?

Are you supposed to grip upward stretches differently than the others?

I was researching random P.E info on another site today and I saw on it’s example pics all of the stretches, most of the stretches had the standard grip just below the glans that I was taught on this site, but on the upward stretches one hand was on the base pulling while the other was on the glans. I have noticed on the upward stretches I don’t feel as much tension as every other direction. Which grip is the correct way for upward stretches?

Many feel that upward stretches should be performed with much less pressure than all the others, and unless you have very flexible wrists, overhand grip is ruled out. So, use standard grip and don’t pull too hard because exposure to penile nerves in that position. You can use “search” to confirm.

Nobody really know how any of this stuff works. You have to do what’s comfortable to you. All length exercises do pretty much the same thing, so I think as long as you’re comfortable, grip however you want.

So yeah, along with the previous comment, different grips can affect safety and comfort, but probably won’t affect gains.

I'm a disciple of science.

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