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Are you "smaller" while recovering?

Are you "smaller" while recovering?

Just wondering, after you’ve done your PE… will your penis be smaller until it has properly recovered? The reason I ask this is because I’m always a little bit weary of having sex with my girlfriend if I have already done PE that day.

That´s the way I feel after my routine is done. Actually sometimes it seems to look smaller to my eyes. The point is that I had observed that during the days off I feel comfortable with my size.

I have noticed that after I have had sex, I seem to become a lot more girthier for about 20 mins, even when I start going limp I have a lot more girth compared to when I was fully erect prior to sex. I hadn’t noticed this before I started PEing or doing kegels. I suspect it is the kegels?


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You hit the nail on the head when you said “smaller to my eyes” julvern. The only thing that could psysically cause the penis to not look so large is reduced blood flow. It’s important that you make sure your blood flow is good, and that might mean doing P.E. more tenderly for want of a better word.

Hmmmm, After I do my stretching my penis seems real small. It has to be because of bad circulation. Is this very dangerous? What can I do?

My penis is also smaller after PEing. It is more full when flacid, but smaller when erect. I’d say from my personal observation that the difference may be at most 5%, which is very insignificant. So don’t let this hold you back from having sex!!!

Sometimes, especially after intense PE workouts, your dick will have a tendency to shrink temporarily as the tissues recover and heal. Usually, after a day, all is back to normal or incrementally larger.


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My penis become smaller after Pe too dont know exactly why but it tends to go back to normal in the rest days.

I only notice the smaller penis after a pumping session, however I believe that most of the “shrinkage” is in my mind. My flaccid size is probably the same regardless of PE, I just notice the difference, after seeing it bigger while pumping.

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If you do a gentle jelqing session a few hours before your have sex with your girlfriend, you should be more pumped, not less. Maybe you’re doing it too hard. I don’t know about pumping or hanging.


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nope, bigger

I would say that it is swollen after a session. Usually get the doughnut effect and it is all red and puffy. I always think the old lady will see it a chaffed and bust me.

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