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Are you going to tell your son


Originally Posted by ModestoMan
This is a tough subject. Above all, I want my boys to love and respect themselves for the people they are. I also want to have a good relationship with them.

What worries me is that they might be smaller than I and feel jealous of me. That would suck. If I feel that coming on, I might confess to them how I was able to get the size I got—that it wasn’t lucky genes. That’s stepping all over the oedepus complex, and I’ll have to manage anything I say with great care.

My kids are young now, and they just think my dick is funny. I hope that feeling continues, but I doubt that it will. At some point, most boys become burningly jealous of their fathers—I know I did.

We seem to be on the same wave length here.
The first time I saw my step dad dick I was astonished to say the least, I was about 12. It look huge! But I don’t know if he was a natural big or if he grew it from doing pe.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thunder, I love that. The Spam school of pedagogy. Actually kids might need to be warned not to bother responding to the spam, there are better sources, like Thunder’s place.

There must be a way to convey what sed26 is saying, without installing anxiety. Trouble is I think most teenage boys would have insecurities about their dicks, and even if they had a huge dick would jump at the chance to make it bigger, without knowing the implications. It is a noticeable contemporary fact that many boys never see other guys or adult men naked. A generation before, it was normal for us to grow up sharing rooms and baths with our brothers, swim nude, skinny-dip together, and be naked in locker rooms (without private cubicles) much more often. So guys saw each other’s dicks and usually realised they were normal. That kind of reassurance is vanishing and there is no longer a concept of places where nudity is normal. So I think dads might need to spend a lot more time passing on reassurance and information than explaining PE. The mere fact that PE is possible dropped into a conversation would be like a bombshell, and there is no chance that a boy would overlook it.

If and when I have sons, I plan on telling them when they’re 17yrs old. To me, that’s the year when they’ll start making the transformations into men. In my opinion, P.E. is nothing more than another part of a workout, and I don’t relate anything sexual to it. Don’t get me wrong, it does have its perks, but that’s just a bonus for being disciplined. Some of us do P.E. for women, and then there are those of us who do it because we like defying science.

If they accept the information, then fine, if they feel like they don’t need it, then that’s fine also. It’ll be their decisions. I want this to become a family secret that they’ll pass on for generations to come.

Our journeys have led us here. There's more to PE than just the physical. If anything, PE has taught us that anything is possible, so why settle for anything less than amazing?

Restarted 9/5/17: BPEL: 7.25", EG = 5", Method: Clamping, and Jelqing kung fu.

Goal: BPEL: 8.5" - 9", EG = 6.5" - 7"

That’s what I want to. This to be a family secret so the problem about having a small penis doesn’t come up. I pass it down and my sons pass it down to their children and so on.

Luckily I didn’t have to say anything to my son. From birth he was huge and by his teens, forget about it! I heard him on the phone one night talking to some friends and it seemed they were telling measurements. Tony, my son, said he was 7.5” . I almost fell over since I had not seen him nude for many years, and definitely not erect. Since I have a very small one I was much relieved that I didn’t have to worry about him following in my footsteps. But, I don’t think they should be told until they are ready to handle it. Panos

Well , if I would be still thinking about PE back then (who gets merried before 40 anyway?)
And if pe will be relevant. And I will have a son..

Then he is likely to pick it up anyway , I might “leave” a hint of it.

Originally Posted by LongusShlongus
Well , if I would be still thinking about PE back then (who gets merried before 40 anyway?)
And if pe will be relevant. And I will have a son..

Then he is likely to pick it up anyway , I might “leave” a hint of it.

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If the guy wants to enlarge his penis, he will. I think lots of teenage boys would start

PE if they found out and do manual exercises. They might blow off the gym if they knew they could possible have a bigger cock spending just a little time. Anyway, I found out on my own and started PE at age 17, I wish I would have known about it as soon as I realized my erections point slightly downward from perpendicular, or that I wanted to have a larger more imposing mushroom head. When I started doing manual PE exercises I could barely stand jelqing for long, so I stopped doing them and just wore the X4 extender about 8 hours a day. I started puberty late, My starting size at 17 was 7.5” NBPEL and 4.5” flaccid. If my body is still devoloping to my adult size, I hope my penis is still growing, mainly in girth, because this will make my gains even faster and easier. I’m 18 and currently at 8” erect I want to make significant girth gains though, up to 7”. I wish to have a huge cock one day.I want to be capable, but not actually decide to partake in, the pornographic movie industry. Did anyone of you out there grow still after you turned 17 or 18? I know some of you are as old as my dad, but maybe you can remember to when your ended puberty.


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