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Are weaker erections immediately after jelqing normal

Are weaker erections immediately after jelqing normal

I’ve been doing the newbie routine for about a week. I’m at ten minutes of wet jelqing. I start out jelqing at about 80% erection, but my erection starts to drop after 1-2 minutes into the jelqing session. I have no prior problems of being unable to maintain an erection. Immediately after jelqing, my erection feels fuller to the touch, but it doesn’t feel as hard of an erection. Also, for a few hours afterwards, I’m unable to get a rock hard, 100% erection. I see people on here talking about being so much harder after jelqing, and I’m not experiencing it.

What you are experiencing is completely normal. When guys talk about being rock hard after jelqing, they don’t usually mean immediately after jelqing.

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Hey, same thing happens to me. About an hour later my erections are back to normal (if not harder). Your penis just needs a little time to recover. Don’t sweat it.

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