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Are we still growing? 18-25?

Are we still growing? 18-25?

Hey everyone,
I’m new here, 22 years old (view my signature for stats) and new to PE.

My question is, for younger guys like me, could girth gains come naturally anyway up until maybe age 25? Does anybody have experience of this? I ask because I’m curious about how jelqing could effect natural growth (if it is indeed still happening). Note, I am pretty young looking for my age and was behind ALL my friends during puberty, so I”m being hopeful here.

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There’re a few guys reported natural increase in size at age 20. So it could be, but it’s different for everyone.

Deepens when you hit puberty, for a guy that hit puberty at ex 17 will of course be in the growing fase longer then one that hit puberty at 14 (same length of puberty but a shift in age). Im 19 and was a bit later then then the average that’s about 14-15 yrs, and im even at this day still growing in height etc very slow now tho, 0.5 inch during the last 6 months

If you’re 26 or even thirty you’ll be matured.

I think I gained some girth in my 20s but no more length until I started doing PE.

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