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Are there any medical reasons why your penis will not grow

Are there any medical reasons why your penis will not grow


I am new to PE and was thinking about starting some hanging and jelqing. Before I start though I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there could be something medically wrong with me that keeps my penis from growing. I am at about 5” in length but the girth is very slim, when erect. I get a regular hard on in the morning but all day I am touching my pants to wake the little guy up. It is so uncomfortable and annoying as hell. I am thinking about going to see a doctor about this problem but would like some input on some medical reasons why a penis will not grow before I do go. I also get erect while having sex but it is very hard to finish since I do not get any feeling out of it anymore. If anyone give some advice and answers it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Man, it sounds as if you should see a doctor. The lack of feeling doesn’t sound normal. I wouldn’t play with it (excuse the pun), I’d take that a little seriously.

Go see a urologist. You will want to rule out nerve damage.

Are you cut? I found that I couldn’t feel much during sex because my glans wasn’t sensitive at all. I’ve been doing foreskin restoration and believe me, blow jobs feel amazing now. Instead of 45 minutes that ends in nothing for me, I can come in 30 min.

I’m a little unclear on your problem though. Are you complaining that you can’t get an erection?

Do I have anorgasmia?

Hi addun

Thanks for your reply, no I do not have a problem getting an erection. I was just saying that it takes to long during sex to cum so I usually give up. What I really want to know in my question is there any medical reason why a penis will not grow length and girth.

Thank you

WELCOME mltte123 to Thunder’s Place.

I’m a bit confused. You say you have to “keep touching your pants to wake the little guy up.” Do you mean that you have no feeling? Or, are you trying to get an erection (waking the little guy up), but can’t?

I wish I had your problem, being able to last so long without having an orgasm. I get off entirely too quickly. Is it that you don’t have feeling in your penis so that is why you last so long? What is you age?

In any case, I think you should go to the doctor to see what the problem is.

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Good Luck, and again, welcome.

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Somebody has been damaging heir pudendal nerve.

Does you dick tingle, like does it fall asleep?

Are you on antihistamines?

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