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Are there any hormones that will increase length if I'm not done growing

Are there any hormones that will increase length if I'm not done growing

Being that I’m 18 and just starting to get some dark hairs on my cheeks, I am hopeful that my penis is still growing naturally. I am jelqing and stretching 4-5 days a week, but I was wondering if there are any body builder things, hormones, HGH enhancers, steroids, etc that will help increase my penis length. I remember reading somewhere that actual HGH will increase penis length, but some said it would go back to normal when you stop taking it. I was wondering if there is anything that can help increase the little natural gains I may have left, or help the gains from PE. I have been thinking about getting hormones for body building anyway so this would be a definite plus.

Let your NATURAL gains come NATURALLY. Supplement it with your hands stretching and jelqing, like you are doing already. There are no magic potions or pills. If there were, I would have $100,000 worth of it ;)

At 19 nope, way too late even if you don’t have beard. Before puberty, anyway, any kind of hormone can have dangerous effect on you body. For example, GH can cause acromegalia.

Welcome to the forum ray!

I remember reading that some individual’s penises can continue growing past their 20s, though it’s quite rare.

There are no hormones or other such chemicals you can take that will increase the size of your penis without destroying your natural hormone balance and wrecking your body and even then it’s highly unlikely it would make any difference to the size of your penis.

Messing with your hormones is a dark path, one that I suggest you avoid.

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