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Are there any controlled studies for PE


Originally Posted by jGman
I guess it’s only dangerous to stretch your penis if you don’t spend the money on the surgery.

For what it’s worth, mainstream medical organizations, including associations of urologists and plastic surgeons, tend to condemn penis-enlargement surgery as dangerous and ineffective.

A lot of doctors probably find it plausible that PE could work (there’s nothing strange about modifying anatomy through sustained physical forces), but it would be foolish to take on the liability of a patient injuring himself by suggesting that he look into PE. It’s safer to treat small-penis concerns as a psychological problem and refer a dick-obsessed patient to a psychiatrist.

I wonder how many of these mainstream medical organization members, urologists, and plastic surgeons are Thunder’s Place

family members and are practicing PE? They are just like the rest of us, yea, just as concerned over their dick lengths…just thinking

out loud.

Some of TP members are Meds.

The main reason why there are no mainstream studies, is that the medical profession doesn’t recognise penis enlargment exercises - because there are no studies.

Paradoxical as that may sound, it must be remembered that doctors are only allowed to discuss and heal by approved methods.

I don’t know whether Kinsey in his report mentioned PE - But that should -or could have triggered some research on the methods But things like penises were not available for public discussion in those days.

So until the medical profession wakes up to the factthat PE is a fact of life, there will be no medical studies.

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Heck, I wouldn’t mind it if my doc was a TP member. As a matter of fact, I would prefer it.


Yes, There are many controlled studies for PE at a organization called Thunders.

Yes, there have been a few published studies on the use of ADS extender devices (presumably funded by the device companies), either for the treatment of Peyronie’s or for “small penis.” :)

I wouldn’t be surprised if a pump-tube manufacturer funded a study on pumps’ efficacy for treating Peyronie’s and for permanent enlargement. Doctors already prescribe vacuum pumping for ED.


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