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Are the gains permanent

Are the gains permanent

Hello just registered today,after reading this stuff for weeks

Looks very impressive,can anyone tell me if the gains are permanent

Mine is nearly 7.5 erect and I would like it to be around 8.5

Thanks for your help

Welcome to Thunders!

Most guys will do what they call a maintenance program once they have reached their goal.

Right now, I would suggest you follow the newbie program and remember one thing, this isn’t a sprint, its a marathon. You probably are not going to see gains overnight, but if you follow the program and listen to the advice of the others here, you will see gains.

Oh yeah, one other thing Pain is BAD. Keep that uppermost in your mind at all times while doing the exercises. If you experience pain quit and ask what did I do wrong.

Happy gaining.

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Originally Posted by lordvader
can anyone tell me if the gains are permanent

Not if you stop the exercises.


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Originally Posted by lordvader

Looks very impressive,can anyone tell me if the gains are permanent

You really think people here would be wasting/Investing so much time tugging at their precious tool if it werent for real?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Thanks for the answers,I’m on the newbie program today

Will let you know how I get on


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