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Are the gains permanent just some newbie questions

Are the gains permanent just some newbie questions

Hi I’m new here.. Just wondering does PE effect erect size or just flaccid size?

And are they permanent?

How long does it take on average to gain say an inch?

And lastly.. Is this safe? I’ve seen alot of posts where people really injure them selves, that can’t.. Be good for your penis.

Is there any kind of like long term nerve damage or something that could happen?

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1. Both.

2. See link above.

3. See link above.

4. You can injure yourself doing PE, just as you can lifting weights. Like lifting weights, the vast majority of injuries happen when people get carried away and do too much too soon or too hard and heavy.

Please learn to use the search function. As you can imagine, these are questions that have been answered many, many times. Thanks. :)

Both, With enough time of pe and keeping it constant then I believe so.
There is no real average time, anywhere between 3 months and a year as a guess going by what other pe’rs have gained.
If you are careful and take it easy then it should be perfectly safe, don’t go tying yourself to a brick and throwing it off a bridge it won’t help.

Highly unlikely for nerve damage unless you were using the brick analogy.


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1. Both
2. So far, it seems permanent to me.
3. Everyone is different. Some can gain an inch in 1 month,2 months, 3 months, 6 months, or maybe years. Have faith and keep on PE and hopefully you will gain.
4. It depends on you. If you are in hurry to get bigger dick, you over train yourself, it means higher risk to get an injury. You should know your penis best, do not over work. One real indicator is if you feel any sharp pain, STOP immediately. As far as I know, sharp pain is never a good thing in PE. Read PE indicator by sparkyx as well, you can use the search function to find that thread.

Hope you gain!

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