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Are side effects inevitable

Are side effects inevitable

Hi all, nice to be here.

Right, I’ve been doing PE for literally days but I swear my member is bigger already. Temporary granted but definitely thicker longer and more prominent veins. It just looks more impressive.
This has obviously driven my motivation through the roof (I want 7” erect, I’m 6 now girth isn’t a problem I’m 5.5 starting).

So, having read and researched as much as I could I have some underlying questions regarding side effects which will ultimately determine just how far I take this PE.
I have seen some horrendous looking colouration on this site and I’ll be honest the ease at which some people accept these what are essentially injuries is a tad worrying for me.

1) Is discolouration inevitable in the newbie phase (jelqing manual stretching), if so is it permanent if treated “correctly”.

2) What is the acknowledged best way to treat this, I know you wrap and apply Vita-K cream but in any specific order, for example should I start applying it now?

2) What about any lack of sensitivity? As a cut man I really want more loss of feeling, as I was researching foreskin restoration when I found this site.

I appreciate there will be differing opinions, but I’m guessing there will be an underlying consensus.


My Lord,

Short answer is NO!

If you over do it you develop 1 and 2 and 2 of these problems. Easy does it if it hurts it is not working.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

1) Discoloration usually comes from exercises that cut off circulation to some degree, like clamping and squeeze-type exercises. Those are girth exercises so I doubt you’d be doing them (since you said you’re not focusing on girth). Stretching and jelqing should not cut off circulation enough to cause discoloration so stick to those.

2) Discoloration cures are hit-and-miss. Acid peels seem the most successful. I don’t think Vita-K cream really works - it doesn’t make sense. I think what happens is that people who start using the cream concurrently reduce their PE load which lets the penis recover its natural shade, but people still attribute the improvement to the cream.

2) Desensitizing is a bad thing. It would mean that you’ve damaged the penis. You don’t want that. It’s better just to develop ejaculatory control through edging and the like.

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I love the larger veins too. UNfortunately, with size increases typically comes at least a little discoloration. I have bruising on the underside of my shaft & one side of my shaft just before the head due to my Supra Slammers & stretching routine. The good thing is that I work 5 on, 2 off, and by my second rest day, the discoloration has subsided greatly.

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I have a handsome looking unit. I started out with an attractive “banana” model and was loathe to sacrifice my good looks for size.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
I have a handsome looking unit. I started out with an attractive “banana” model and was loathe to sacrifice my good looks for size.

I lost my banana dick due to ED. Pe got me bigger harder but no banana dick. Ballooning brought the nice upward curve back.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks all the replies have been excellent, just what I wanted to hear!

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